GINGERBREAD Literacy & Math Centers


Whether you are reading any of the gingerbread boy or girl stories or are focusing on all things Christmas, this theme is for you!

The printable Gingerbread literacy & math centers for preschoolers, pre-k, and kindergarteners make the time leading up to Christmas even more literature based and extra fun!  These 13 centers are full of learning activities with easy to follow instructions, options for differentiation, engaging activities, and are super simple to print and prep.

The Gingerbread literacy & math centers are part of the ENDLESS Themed Literacy & Math Centers Bundle.  Save with this bundle!

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Find out more about the Gingerbread Literacy & Math centers in the details below.  Photos of the low prep, super simple centers can be viewed above!


Gingerbread Vocab & Write the Room – 10 gingerbread and Christmas themed vocabulary word cards are included in both uppercase and lowercase versions.  Use the cards in your writing area, during social studies, or along with circle time.  There are 3 Write the Room recording papers (trace uppercase words, trace lowercase words, write the words on your own) and Color the Room recording sheets included to differentiate instruction.

Gingerbread Emergent Readers – 2 levels of readers included

“Gingerbread Cookie” – includes repetition, sight words, and themed words.  Includes 2 pages per piece of paper to make copying and assembling books super simple!

“The Cookie” (mini) – 2 words per mini page. The entire reader is printed on one page. Practice the simple themed words with clues from the pictures.

Gingerbread Play Dough Mats – Pick a peppermint card and build the uppercase or lowercase letter in play dough on the gingerbread cookie.

Cookie Sheet Letter Tracing Cards – Practice correct letter formation of both uppercase and lowercase letters.  Laminate to use with dry erase markers.

Cookie Alphabet Clip Cards – Identify the uppercase gingerbread cookie letter on the card and clip the matching lowercase card with a clothespin.

Gumdrop Alphabet & Initial Sounds Match – Use the letter gumdrops (upper & lower) or the initial sound picture gumdrops to match to the letters on the gingerbread cookies.  Use the recording sheet to write the letter to some of the matches made on the gumdrops.

Initial Sound CVC Cards – Using the picture on the card, identify the initial sound and add the correct letter cards to build and spell the word correctly.


Make 10 Gumdrop Cards – Add more gumdrops to the gingerbread houses to make 10 using a dry erase marker, buttons, or real gumdrops.

Gingerbread Cookie Color By Code – Color the gingerbread house the correct colors by using the code at the top.  Each number represents a different color in the picture.

Peppermint Roll & Graph or Color – Cut out and create the peppermint color dice included.  Roll the die and color in the graph or roll the die and color in a peppermint candy on the recording sheet.

Gingerbread Shape Puzzles – Match up each gingerbread shape cookie to the button shapes on the gingerbread cookie.  Make a matcha and then color in the shape on the recording sheet.

Gingerbread Plus 1 Clip Cards – Add the number of gumdrops in the first gingerbread house to the number of gumdrops in the second.  Clip the correct answer with a clothespin.

Gingerbread House Spin 1-20 – Use one of the 4 spinners to mark the gingerbread houses on the number mats.  A recording sheet is included to practice spinning numbers and coloring in the correct gingerbread house individually instead of as a reusable center.


These Gingerbread literacy & math centers will be the perfect partner to our Gingerbread Fine Motor Busy Bins (coming soon!).  You can find the entire list of the themes that will be included in the Fine Motor Busy Bins Bundle!



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