Alphabet Play Dough Mats Pack


Mixing together learning skills couldn’t be easier!  Strengthen fine motor skills while practicing identifying, forming letters, and using beginning letter sounds with our Alphabet Play Dough Learning Pack.

The instant printable download includes 54 pages.  Inside you’ll find:

–> Uppercase letter play dough tracing cards

–> Lowercase letter play dough tracing cards

–> Hide the letter pages

–> “A is for apple”  through “Z is for zebra” (26 total) play dough mats

Increase alphabet awareness with preschoolers and encourage mastering alphabet skills with kindergarteners in the classroom or for practice at home.  Simply print and play!


Low prep Play Dough Alphabet Mats for preschoolers and kindergarteners to practice letter recognition, formation, initial sounds, and fine motor skills!

The ABC play dough mat set includes uppercase and lowercase letter mats, “A is for…” mats, and Hide the Letter mats. These are perfect for the 3’s, 4’s and K students and for extra practice at home!

Use play dough to roll a out a snake or Wikki Stix (Bendaroos) to form the letters on the mats. Kids can make a play dough picture of the word on the “A is for…” mats for each letter of the alphabet. The Hide the Letter mats are a fun way to engage students of all interest levels.

Play dough is a great way to add tactile learning to your child’s day in the classroom or at home!

Print on cardstock for added durability.  Plastic page protectors work well to cover the paper if laminating isn’t an option.


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