APPLES Fine Motor Busy Bins


Intentionally add fine motor work to your morning routine as your pre-k and kindergarten students enter the room for the day.  Our Apple Fine Motor Busy Bins are low prep with simple instructions!

The busy bin activities all include fine motor practice which is key to developing little hands that are ready for holding pencils, cutting with scissors, and tying shoes.

They are set up as completely independent morning work tub activities for pre-k.  The busy bins are also perfect to use with younger preschoolers during circle and small group time.

The apples fine motor busy bins are the second set in our ENDLESS Themed Fine Motor Busy Bins Bundle.

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Read more about the apples motor busy bins included in this set below.  See examples of the busy bins above.

Print and prep the fine motor busy bins, and store them in small storage containers with lids (mine are from Walmart).  Switch out the 12 activities each time you switch themes.  Easy peasy!

What is a busy bin exactly?

A busy bin is similar to a busy bag activity.  You put the activity together and store it in a bin to be used over and over again. Busy bins are reusable learning activities – prep once and play forever!

Each fine motor busy bin activity comes with an instruction page.

This product is part of the Endless Themed Fine Motor Busy Bins Bundle.


Apple Tree Clip Cards – Count the apples and clip the correct number with a clothespin (1-10).

Green Apple Go! – Start at the green apple to use correct formation and build the letters with mini erasers.

Pom Pom Apples – Use kid-friendly squeezers to sort colored pom poms on the correct apples.

Number Puzzles – Put the numbers 1-5 and 6-10 back in order to complete the puzzles.

Apple Play Dough Mats – Add the correct number of play dough apples to the trees.  Roll play dough out into a snake and form the number on the card too.

Linking Apples – Feed the birds the correct apples by linking the matching colored apples to the birds.

Play Dough Shapes – Form play dough into the shapes or pictures on the cards.

Writing in Apples – Use pretend apples (dried split peas) to create a simple writing tray to practice writing uppercase letters.

Cutting Apples – Cut across the dotted lines to slice the apple into pieces.  Put the pieces back together and glue the apple down as an added activity.

Rotten Apple Holes – Punch holes into the apple shape on the black spots to create a rotting apple.

Pre-writing Tracing Cards – Use a dry erase marker to trace the dotted lines to the apple theme picture.

Find the Apple Mazes – Use a dry erase marker to help the bird find the apple through the very beginner mazes.


The printable pieces of each busy bin are included in the file.  Laminating the pieces is recommended.  The other supplies that are needed for this theme include:

  • play dough
  • dry erase marker
  • mini erasers
  • scissors for kids
  • hole punches
  • plastic chain links (or pipe cleaners)
  • pom poms
  • kid-friendly squeezers
  • clothespins
  • dried split peas
  • small container for writing bin

Our Apples Literacy & Math Centers go perfectly with these fine motor busy bins!


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